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Contact List for Berkshire Hockey

Acting President:Paul Dunn-Sims

VP Junior Girls: -

VP Junior Boys: - Jeremy Sandell

Hon. Secretary: - Sarah Mason - email

Hon. Treasurer: - Mandi Lewis -

Adult Hockey: - Matt Poulton -

Director of Coaching: - Mark Scarth - email

Schools Liaison: -�Eilish MacBean�- email

South Hockey Liaison: - Eilish MacBean - email

Child Welfare Officer: - Sally Smith - email

Pitch Co-ordinator (JDC/JAC): - Helen Martin - email

Administrator: - Sally Smith - email

If possible please contact someone from the list above. If you cannot see an obvious choice you can contact the us by Clicking Here however responses from this address will not be speedy.

For Website updates or comments please contact the Webmaster by Clicking Here

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