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Berkshire Hockey Association


1. Title

The Association shall be called Berkshire Hockey Association, which shall be abbreviated to Berkshire Hockey or BHA.

BHA shall be the body to manage hockey in Berkshire and which shall be bound by the constitution of England Hockey Board (EHB) and which shall play in accordance with the Rules of the Game. The County comprises affiliated clubs and schools within the postal codes of Berkshire and all Clubs, Schools and Colleges wishing to play hockey are required to be members by affiliation to BHA.

2. Aims and Objectives

The aims of BHA are to promote, support and facilitate the interests of hockey and to implement policy laid down by EHB. These shall include:

a) To develop plans to ensure the game of hockey prospers within Berkshire

b) To develop players, which, where appropriate achieve regional, national and international recognition

c) To develop a pool of administrators and coaches to support the development of the game

d) To manage and organise county-wide competitions and to encourage participation in Regional and National competitions at Clubs, Schools and County level.

3. Officers

3.1 The senior Officers shall be the President, Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer.

The President shall have overall responsibility for BHA and management of affairs, through leadership of the Management Committee and through delegation to any appropriate sub-committees.

The Hon Treasurer shall be responsible to prepare regular financial statements showing a fair and true reflection on the financial affairs of BHA and to ensure financial control is maintained over the assets and liabilities of the Association.

The Hon Secretary will ensure the smooth running of BHA through regular communication with Management Committee and Affiliated members; Such communications to include minutes of meetings, contact lists and liaison with other Hockey Associations.

3.2 The Officers shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and shall hold office until the conclusion of the second AGM. Nominations for senior positions may be made by an affiliated club or school or members of the Management Committee. Nominations shall be submitted to the Hon Secretary no later than 14 days prior to an AGM and shall include the name and address and their consent to their nomination.

3.3 The Officers shall normally hold office for 2 year period but shall be eligible for re-election. Should a vacancy arise for one of the Senior Officers, then a replacement will be elected from within the Management Committee.

4. Management Committee

4.1 A Management Committee shall ensure the workings of BHA are undertaken. The Management Committee shall comprise the Senior Officers, Vice-President Girls, Vice-President Boys, Schools liaison, South Liaison, Welfare Officer, Seniors Section, Director of Coaching.

4.2 The Officers shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and shall hold office until the conclusion of the next AGM but shall be eligible for re-election. The Management Committee shall have the power to co-opt any person to serve on the Management Committee, who shall have a vote. Any such co-opted person shall serve on the Management Committee until the next AGM when their position should be eligible for re-election.

4.3 A minimum of 8 Management Committee meeting shall be held during the year. 5 members of the Management Committee including 2 of the Senior Officers are required to form a quorum.

4.4 The Hon Secretary shall at their discretion convene a meeting of the Management Committee, provided that 7 days notice is given.

4.5 A Special Meeting can be called with at the written request of any 3 serving members of the Management Committee.

5. Annual General Meetings

5.1 An AGM shall be held no later than December each year.

5.2 The Hon Secretary shall give at least 14 days notice of the AGM and invites shall be sent to all affiliated members and clubs and all members of the Management Committee.

5.3 For voting purposes all clubs may have 3 members to vote, while each school has one member to vote. Postal votes may not be accepted.

5.4 Specific items to be discussed at the AGM shall be notified to the Hon Secretary in writing at least seven days prior to the AGM.

5.5 Any intention to discuss affiliation fees shall be presented to all members at the time of the Agenda and notice of the meeting.

5.6 A quorum of 5 voting members is required.

6. Special General Meeting

6.1 A Special General Meeting (SGM) shall be called by the Hon Secretary on the application of not less than four clubs or schools. The requirements for notification and voting are as found in clause 5.

7. Voting

7.1 Voting at AGM shall be decided by a majority of votes. In a split decision the President shall have a second and casting vote.

8. Minutes

8.1 The Hon Secretary shall ensure Minutes of all proceedings at AGM and SGM are kept and such minutes signed as agreed by the President at the next meeting.

8.2 The Hon Secretary shall ensure a record of all Management Committee meetings are kept and circulated to Committee members as soon as practical following the meeting.

9. Finance

9.1 The Financial Policies of BHA shall be

a) That all participants should contribute towards the costs of administration and the activities of BHA

b) That the Accounts (Expenditure and Balance Sheet) shall be presented to the AGM

c) That all player development programmes should be self-funding, including a contribution to administration and that a fair financial contribution to any representational event is received from the players

d) To maintain a healthy financial situation but that any surpluses over a reasonable reserve are to be used to promote and facilitate hockey matters in the County.

e) While part-time specialist staff and coaches may be engaged to assist in the aims and objectives of BHA, this will be on a supplier agreement basis.

f) To act to ensure that the sport remains affordable and open to all potential participants in the County.

10. Discipline

10.1 That all disciplinary matters shall be handled in accordance with the procedures, measures and regulations as stipulated by EHB and South.

10.2 All matters relating to discipline shall be delegated to the Discipline Officer.

10.3 Individuals, clubs or schools seeking to appeal against any decision and penalty imposed will do so in accordance with EHB Rules.

11. Dissolution

11.1 A resolution to dissolve BHA shall be put to a SGM and shall be passed only by the affirmation of three-quarters of those entitled to vote. In the case of a resolution to dissolve, the Management Committee shall have the power to order a postal vote to be concluded prior to the SGM concerned.

11.2 If the motion is carried the Management Committee shall realise the assets and make provision for liabilities of BHA and any remaining assets shall be distributed as determined at the SGM.

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